Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fr James preaches risen Christ with immense power and authority to muslims in Saudi Arabia and across the Globe

With six other priests I had the opportunity to participate on this extraordinary retreat again. I published about this retreat the testimony of 4 pages and now I want to add additional impressions. These retreats are truly exceptional and difficult to compare with any other. The person standing in front of you is someone who is absolutely and totally committed to God, is permeated by God and blessed with extraordinary gifts of healings, and enters into the depths of faith. The testimonies that he gives are difficult to describe. The experience is necessary. Not only encyclopedic but especially experienced biblical concept is remarkable beside the gift of healing and entering into a special human problems.

For example, with the concept of Sin he is able to open directly a flood of biblical references that fit completely into one another and form a logical whole. Very few people truly love God and they miss the context. At this time we live in a special stage of eclipse and because the absence of a deep inner relationship I might even call it DARKNESS. Many great theologians certainly exceed in biblical science but in their recitation and the concept is more perceptible great professionalism and a kind of restraint and caution to the enthusiasm and the right radicalism. Contrary Father James has it very genuine and real. 

His impressive speech in which he emphasis on clear and vocal diction, which is interwoven with examples, singing and repeating the commonplace as it should be Jesus, Jesus, and similar lunatic speeches emphasizing literally live connection with the Lord, this is something UNPRECEDENTED, POWERFUL and LIBERATING: there is no need to worry about any superficiality or that some comes on the retreat just because of the healing. If such a person just wants the healing this person is quickly literally sucked into the drama of reality to the Bible, the Holy Scriptures. This person sees and hears and turns. Otherwise one would have run away, because there is not other option.

I was personally very strengthened by the presence of another outstanding priest who with his bravery and courage proved to be in a church in many ways. It's a Jesuit father Francis Lízna, who I grandly admire. Certainly there are known his books describing his incredible journeys across Europe, from Fatima to the Crimea and elsewhere. Alone, on his foots! Father Francis himself testified about his initial skepticism when his parishioners enthusiastically recounted the events of past retreat, which I wrote a long essay, and made no secret of his prior doubts. Now he saw and believed. 

Here I would like to mention some of the pain of this kind, where we hear different skeptical views of those who did not experience something similar themselves. Here I should highlight the amazing father Cardinal Christoph Schönborn who visited Medjugorje and gave very strong testimony at the end of last year. Therefore SOLID and CLEAR SOUND OF CHURCH is extremely valuable, especially at this difficult age full of half-hearted and empty phrases. 

Father James is here absolutely authentic. You can clearly see that his every word is a hammer blow, but it is also full of love and understanding. There is no feel of many insurances and rhetorical maneuvering which can be sometimes perceived in other cases. To be sure, such expressions can be also valuable because everyone has the opportunity to create these semi-real images of truth. 

But father JAMES has this view prepared in his heart and with immense power and authority he communicates it. His amazing courage to preach to the Muslims in the Persian Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia is something incredible. He also published evidence of his suffering and torture that he experienced and it is always evidence of authenticity. 

Some people are worried about the future of the Church. It is utter nonsense, because the Holy Bible is clear "that the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". But they can overwhelm individuals who lose the truth of Christ and take the myths, or even restrictions of institutions that promote crimes especially in the moral area.
I am not specific here, because every thinking creature, which is set in the realities of the world perceives the ongoing corruption that is in the stage of crystallization and early will occur in numerous confrontations, which have long been evident in countries with an Islamic majority. Attacks and harassment, which has prelude in different types of chicanes and even attacks on the head of the church will naturally grow as Christians do not extend to the forms that are degrading any religion. It is about violence.
It always starts at the stage of chimeric perception of the situation in which a supporter of the violent concepts forces to remove all obstacles and chooses the absurdity as it was invading Iraq or bombing of Belgrade. It can be expected in the near future as well. Satan, whom many don’t consider as a real entity forms his followers exactly as he was tempted Jesus in the desert and in other situations, he is becoming increasingly impatient, and as the murderer from the beginning will soon lead physical attacks on the believers. 

Therefore, it is so fundamentally important to use even this SHORT TIME OF GRACE and fully open to God. Hopefully not because of the certainty that we shall be saved physically, but to save the SOUL. The soul is immortal. Therefore we are so grateful to father James and others, to father Anthony, who has such a great gift for young people and other God gifted witnesses. Therefore, we are grateful for MEDJUGORJE, for FATIMA but also for all other places where we hope that MOTHER MARY comes, or came to repeat what she said at Cana: MAKE EVERYTHING HE SAID ... 

Time we are experiencing is difficult. But has it been easy anytime in history? And just when Christians were experiencing oppression their inner strength grew. The exterior was removed by cleansing, imprisonments, liquidations. It precedes the professional preparation and moral addiction to money, power, influence. Today's modern-day slaves tying with their commitments in their golden cages, cut off from reality and thinking that their power is the power and money are actually the most vulnerable because they live outside of reality. But also normal ordinary people are making their “absurd land” with their addictions of all kinds.
I just watched part of a program on our youth, wallowing in meaningless games full of violence and killings on the internet and saw how this device is diabolical. Yes, it is a fact. But there is also something much more beautiful and fuller. There is an offer of our Lord Jesus Christ and His gift of love that we can discover and draw. It is a way of life, not skulls and deadheads killers, not destructive violence.

Dear father James thank you ... I'll try at least a brief lift in English and I would be very grateful if there can be found someone who could make at least short extract out of this writing.
Retreats for next year are already full! Let us pray that father James could come more often and in particular to GIVE RETREATS TO THE PRIESTS! We need it the most. Our priest's duty is to preach the CHRIST and not myths or pleasant stories. God's word is strong and sharp, and gives an opportunity for reflection: 

  • DO I LOVE JESUS and the CHURCH? The one founded by Jesus? The one true and Catholic?
  • Do I love Mary, or am I playing a double game that reverence for Mother of God wouldn’t touch someone? 

These are personal issues. Let us thank God that there are preaching people who stand on full Apostolic foundation. Pray for courage and wisdom especially for those who are entrusted to lead the Church.

Let us pray for the Holy Father, it's a solid column, let us pray and give thanks for Czech father Primate Archbishop DOMINICA DUKA on the St. Adalbert Tribune. Lets ignore provocations and attacks, but entrust the Holy Spirit, He'll make what is own to him and create the church in the power of true witnesses. Let us be full of peace, because we are VICTORIOUS. With the Christ on the cross and even when we go though painful time, let us rejoice anyway. Peace and goodness and a lot of grace... 

Published on Magnificat (Slovakia) - Click here for the original page

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Son of Man will be delivered into the hands of sinners, he will be crucified, and the third day rise again.


The Night of Resurrection
    I SOON after beheld the tomb of our Lord. All was calm and silent around it. There were six soldiers on guard, who were either seated or standing before the door, and Cassius was among them. His appearance was that of a person immersed in meditation and in the expectation of some great event. The sacred body of our Blessed Redeemer was wrapped in the winding-sheet, and surrounded with light, while two angels sat in an attitude of adoration, the one at the head, and the other at the feet. I had seen them in the same posture ever since he was first put into the tomb. These angels were clothed as priests. Their position, and the manner in which they crossed their arms over their breasts, reminded me of the cherubim who surrounded the Ark of the Covenant, only they were without wings; at least I did not see any. The whole of the sepulchre reminded me of the Ark of the Covenant at different periods of its history. It is possible that Cassius was sensible of the presence of the angels, and of the bright light which filled the sepulchre, for his attitude was like that of a person in deep contemplation before the Blessed Sacrament.
    I next saw the soul of our Lord accompanied by those among the patriarchs whom he had liberated enter into the tomb through the rock. He showed them the wounds with which his sacred body was covered; and it seemed to me that the winding-sheet which previously enveloped it was removed, and that Jesus wished to show the souls the excess of suffering he had endured to redeem them. The body appeared to me to be quite transparent, so that the whole depth of the wounds could be seen; and this sight filled the holy souls with admiration, although deep feelings of compassion likewise drew tears from their eyes.

    My next vision was so mysterious that I cannot explain or even relate it in a clear manner. It appeared to me that the soul and body of Jesus were taken together out of the sepulchre, without, however, the former being completely reunited to the latter, which still remained inanimate. I thought I saw two angels who were kneeling and adoring at the head and feet of the sacred body, raise it—keeping it in the exact position in which it was lying in the tomb—and carry it uncovered and disfigured with wounds across the rock, which trembled as they passed. It then appeared to me that Jesus presented his body, marked with the stigmas of the Passion, to his Heavenly Father, who, seated on a throne, was surrounded by innumerable choirs of angels, blissfully occupied in pouring forth hymns of adoration and jubilee. The case was probably the same when, at the death of our Lord, so many holy souls re-entered their bodies, and appeared in the Temple and in different parts of Jerusalem; for it is not likely that the bodies which they animated were really alive, as in that case they would have been obliged to die a second time, whereas they returned to their original state without apparent difficulty; but it is to be supposed that their appearance in human form was similar to that of our Lord, when he (if we may thus express it) accompanied his body to the throne of his Heavenly Father.

    At this moment the rock was so violently shaken, from the very summit to the base, that three of the guards fell down and became almost insensible. The other four were away at the time, being gone to the town to fetch something. The guards who were thus thrown prostrate attributed the sudden shock to an earthquake; but Cassius, who, although uncertain as to what all this might portend, yet felt an inward presentiment that it was the prelude to some stupendous event, stood transfixed in anxious expectation, waiting to see what would follow next. The soldiers who were gone to Jerusalem soon returned.

    I again beheld the holy women: they had finished preparing the spices, and were resting in their private cells; not stretched out on the couches, but leaning against the bedclothes, which were rolled up. They wished to go to the sepulchre before the break of day, because they feared meeting the enemies of Jesus but the Blessed Virgin, who was perfectly renovated and filled with fresh courage since she had seen her Son, consoled and recommended them to sleep for a time, and then go fearlessly to the tomb, as no harm would come to them; where upon they immediately followed her advice, and endeavoured to sleep.
    It was towards eleven o’clock at night when the Blessed Virgin, incited by irrepressible feelings of love,  wrapped a grey cloak around her, and left the house quite alone. When I saw her do this, I could not help feeling anxious, and saying to myself, ‘How is it possible for this holy Mother, who is so exhausted from anguish and terror, to venture to walk all alone through the streets at such an hour?’ I saw her go first to the house of Caiphas, and then to the palace of Pilate, which was at a great distance off; I watched her through the whole of her solitary journey along that part which had been trodden by her Son, loaded with his heavy Cross; she stopped at every place where our Saviour had suffered particularly, or had received any fresh outrage from his barbarous enemies. Her appearance, as she walked slowly along, was that of a person seeking something; she often bent down to the ground, touched the stones with her hands, and then inundated them with kisses, if the precious blood of her beloved Son was upon them. God granted her at this time particular lights and graces, and she was able without the slightest degree of difficulty to distinguish every place sanctified by his sufferings. I accompanied her through the whole of her pious pilgrimage, and I endeavoured to imitate her to the best of my power, as far as my weakness would permit.

    Mary then went to Calvary; but when she had almost reached it, she stopped suddenly, and I saw the sacred body and soul of our Saviour standing before her. An angel walked in front; the two angels whom I had seen in the tomb were by his side, and the souls whom he had redeemed followed him by hundreds. The body of Jesus was brilliant and beautiful, but its appearance was not that of a living body, although a voice issued from it; and I heard him describe to the Blessed Virgin all he had done in Limbo, and then assure her that be should rise again with his glorified body; that he would then show himself to her, and that she must wait near the rock of Mount Calvary, and that part where she saw him fall down, until he appeared. Our Saviour then went towards Jerusalem, and the Blessed Virgin, having again wrapped her veil about her, prostrated on the spot which he had pointed out. It was then, I think, past midnight, for the pilgrimage of Mary over the Way of the Cross had taken up at least an hour; and I next saw the holy souls who had been redeemed by our Saviour traverse in their turn the sorrowful Way of the Cross, and contemplate the different places where he had endured such fearful sufferings for their sakes. The angels who accompanied them gathered up and preserved the smallest fragments of our Lord’s sacred flesh which had been torn off by the frequent blows he received, as also the blood with which the ground was sprinkled on those spots where he had fallen.
    I once more saw the sacred body of our Lord stretched out as I first beheld it in the sepulchre; the angels were occupied in replacing the fragments they had gathered up of  his flesh, and they received supernatural assistance in doing this. When next I contemplated him it was in his winding-sheet, surrounded with a bright light and with two adoring angels by his side. I cannot explain how all these things came to pass, for they are far beyond our human comprehension; and even if I understand them perfectly myself when I see them, they appear dark and mysterious when I endeavour to explain them to others.
    As soon as a faint glimmering of dawn appeared in the east, I saw Magdalen, Mary the daughter of Cleophas, Johanna Chusa, and Salome, leave the Cenaculum, closely wrapped up in their mantles. They carried bundles of spices; and one of their number had a lighted candle in her hand, which she endeavoured to conceal under her cloak. I saw them direct their trembling steps towards the small door at the house of Nicodemus.

The Resurrection of Our Lord

    I BEHELD the soul of our Lord between two angels, who were in the attire of warriors: it was bright, luminous, and resplendent as the sun at midday; it penetrated the rock, touched the sacred body, passed into it, and the two were instantaneously united, and became as one. I then saw the limbs move, and the body of our Lord, being reunited to his soul and to his divinity, rise and shake off the winding-sheet: the whole of the cave was illuminated and lightsome.
    At the same moment I saw a frightful monster burst from the earth underneath the sepulchre. It had the tail of a serpent, and it raised its dragon head proudly as if desirous of attacking Jesus; and had likewise, if I remember correctly, a human head. But our Lord held in his hand a white staff, to which was appended a large banner; and he placed his foot on the head of the dragon, and struck its tail three times with his staff, after which the monster disappeared. I had had this same vision many times before the Resurrection, and I saw just such a monster, appearing to endeavour to hide itself, at the time of the conception of our Lord: it greatly resembled the serpent which tempted our first parents in Paradise, only it was more horrible. I thought that this vision had reference to the prophetic words, that ‘by the seed of the woman the head of the serpent should be crushed,’ and that the whole was intended to demonstrate the victory of our Lord over death, for at the same moment that I saw him crush the head of the monster, the tomb likewise vanished from my sight.

    I then saw the glorified body of our Lord rise up, and it passed through the hard rock as easily as if the latter had been formed of some ductile substance. The earth shook, and an angel in the garb of a warrior descended from Heaven with the speed of lightning, entered the tomb, lifted the stone, placed it on the right side, and  seated himself upon it. At this tremendous sight the soldiers fell to the ground, and remained there apparently lifeless. When Cassius saw the bright light which illuminated the tomb, he approached the place where the sacred body had been placed, looked at and touched the linen clothes in which it had been wrapped, and left the sepulchre, intending to go and inform Pilate of all that had happened. However, he tarried a short time to watch the progress of events; for although he had felt the earth­quake, seen the angel move the stone, and looked at the empty tomb, yet he had not seen Jesus.

    At the very moment in which the angel entered the sepulchre and the earth quaked, I saw our Lord appear to his holy Mother on Calvary. His body was beautiful and lightsome, and its beauty was that of a celestial being. He was clothed in a large mantle, which at one moment 1ooked dazzlingly white, as it floated through the air, waving to and fro with every breath of wind, and the next reflected a thousand brilliant colours as the sunbeams passed over it. His large open wounds shone brightly, and could be seen from a great distance: the wounds in his hands were so large that a finger might be put into them without difficulty; and rays of light proceeded from them, diverging in the direction of his fingers. The souls of the patriarchs bowed down before the Mother of our Saviour, and Jesus spoke to her concerning his Resurrection, telling her many things which I have forgotten. He showed her his wounds; and Mary prostrated to kiss his sacred feet; but he took her hand, raised her, and disappeared.

    When I was at some distance from the sepulchre I saw fresh lights burning there, and I likewise beheld a large luminous spot in the sky immediately over Jerusalem.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vision from Jesus - A homosexual encounters Jesus at a Catholic Retreat

By Dr Reverend Augustine Vallooran V.C

A young man came to meet me towards the end of the retreat and said to me, “Father, much that you speak does not make any sense to me.” Sensing that he was quite tensed I joked with him, “Thank you for telling me that. At least you dared to be sincere. You are not far away from the truth - from the Kingdom of God. You are a sincere man. But tell me what is it that did not make sense to you?” He said, “I'm a homosexual by birth, by choice. This is my sexual orientation. How can you condemn me?”

I reassured him “My brother, I am no one to condemn you and God loves you a lot. I understand that you are a homosexual by choice and sexual orientation but do not tell me you are a homosexual by birth. No one is born a homosexual. That is a lie - a terrible lie spread with the multimillion dollars of the super powers that one or the other is born a homosexual. The Bible tells clearly that God made the human person as male and female. Every woman is created oriented towards a man. In every male, there is a sexual orientation towards the female. This orientation is deposited in every male and female for the purpose of the manifestation of love, total commitment to the other and for the purpose of sharing in the fatherhood and motherhood of God, to beget children and establish families. This is how every human person is created. The Bible says this and this is the Word of God. And Jesus confirms this saying, “Father, thy word is truth.” (John 17:17) If the Bible is the truth, what you have convinced yourself about is not truth. My heart goes out for you, my brother. You are a victim of that terrible lie perpetuated by certain vested interests.” I offered to pray for him. He was too shocked to protest.

“He Has Sent Me To Heal The Brokenhearted” (Isaiah 61:1)

Vision from God
I prayed over him. While praying for him I got a message in the form of a vision. I could clearly see a little child sitting on one side of a bed crying inconsolably. 
I gently told him, “My brother, while I was praying for you, I received a message which I believe is from God. It was in the form of a vision. I could see a little child sitting on the bed at night and shedding tears.” 

He looked at me very intently for awhile and then said, “Father that child must be me.” After a pause he continued, “That was how I spent my childhood - in tears, in anger, in misery.” He explained that his mother divorced his father when he was just a two-year old and she married a very rich man. That was the beginning of a hellish phase for this little boy. He recalled how often at night this man would come to his room and abuse him sexually. He was terrified and wounded and felt so helpless. Finally he mustered all his courage and told his mother. He was shocked to realize that his mother already knew it. He felt more miserable when he heard her response. She told him, “My son, I cannot help you. I myself am helpless. Your father happens to be a very cruel man. But I cannot afford to displease him. If I say or do anything against him, he will kill you and me or he will abandon us. We will lose this mansion we are living in. We will have nowhere to go. No one will accept us. We have to accept this life.”

The young man continued to pour out his pain, “I detested my mother and my step-father. I became so terribly wounded. I spent my days and nights in fear and contempt and shame and guilt. We were living under the same roof. And as I grew up, I saw him using other boys. It is intense hatred that I have flowing within me. How can I get back my life? I am destroyed.” He stood silent. 

I bowed down and held his feet and spoke to him, “My brother, I ask your pardon. We, the elder generation have ruined you. That is what your mother and your stepfather did to you. But for them and every person who abused you, I ask your pardon.” He broke down in tears. 

After he was more composed, I spoke to him again offering him the real hope before him, “God has sent me to tell you that you are not to give up! You have been deformed. Your sexuality - the great gift God has given you is distorted. But now God’s Holy Spirit is moving in to recreate you as a male. This is God’s plan for you - that you may have a family and witness the Glory of God in your life.” I prayed for him. 

At one time he spoke up, “I strongly feel like giving up. I am ravaged by too many temptations and memories from my past, shame and contempt, anger, hatred and revenge.” 

I told him “Do not give up. Do not compromise with sin. Sin will never satisfy you. Turn to the Lord. He assures that if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. And when He is near to you, He will be your strength. You will hear His voice guiding your heart, His gentle touch lifting you when you feel faint. 

He made his confession. He stayed on at the retreat centre, participating in the prayers. After a month he returned to the States. Six years have passed and today he is happily married with two children in the United States.

Praise you Lord! Alleluia!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Muslim Fatima Haneef - All my family accepted Jesus as our God

Testimony of Fatima Haneef
It is in November 2000 that I attended the course on Quran and Bible along with my father and brother in the desert of Abudahabi. All of us received the light of the Holy Spirit and accepted Jesus as our God. 

My father was addicted to drugs and various kinds of bad habits. My brother was taking alcohol and drugs which were forbidden by our religion Islam. There was never peace at our home. My mother was suffering from breast cancer. I had skin disease. 

As my mother had to look after the sheeps, she did not attend the classes but was prayed over by Fr. James Manjackal. She was totally healed of the breast cancer. When the doctor was wondering about her healing, boldly I told him that it is the prophet Jesus who healed her. 

After I was prayed over for the Holy Spirit I never had the skin disease. My greater happiness is that my father and brother stopped all bad habits and became very good people. Now we all follow Jesus as God by praying at home and reading the Bible.  

What a peace in the hearts and at home when Jesus comes in the lives! Daily I see Jesus as a living person to whom I can tell everything of my life. Even in small problems and difficulties he comes to console me and to comfort me. 

The other day, I had a severe stomach pain. All told me to go to see a doctor. I told my father to lay his hands on my stomach and to pray in the name of Jesus. By his prayer I was fully OK: 
Last week we lost three of our sheeps and were searching for them desperately. I told my mother to pray to Jesus, then He would bring them. We prayed and found the sheeps without any harm. 

I have no words to narrate the miracles we see daily in our lives ever since our friendship with Jesus. He alone is God. All praise and glory to Him alone.

Fatima Haneef  
United Arab Emirates - UAE

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Muslim Indira accepts Lord Jesus as God and becomes a Catholic

Testimony as told to Fr James Manjackal (pronounced Man-ya-kal)

My name is Indira Monika Dizdar – I come from a Muslim family. My whole family practises Islam. I was converted five years ago. I’m 18 now. Jesus took my hand and led me across a big bridge – from Islam to Christianity. I’m happy that Jesus has chosen me among so many of my relatives and he has shown me the right way! 

From the very beginning I have been unwanted child. My mother gave me birth outside the marriage, she wanted to abort me but it was too late and so she gave me birth. My father left me as soon as I was conceived, I have never seen him. I’ve spent my life with a grandmother and a grandfather. It was painful to grow up without both parents. I was also rejected from the circle of children of my age because I was an orphan! And so my childhood was in the sign of alienation and loneliness. When I was 12, my mother took me to live with her. She lived then with some man. It was for me another shock. I didn’t want to live with this man who was not my father. 

During five days of life with him, I understood that he was alcoholic. Every second day he was coming home drunk, and he was shouting, smashing things, becoming wild. In the home of grandmother and grandfather there was not such situations. I became desperate. I was afraid of my stepfather. My mother and myself were strangers for each other. I was lonelier then ever, I was often thinking about suicide. 

My life did not have a meaning. I did not want to live any longer. I did not have anyone! Only pain in my heart, sadness, sleepless nights, a lot of tears and that was all! All people in town knew with whom I lived and they felt sorry for me.  I wanted to have friends but I didn’t have them. I wanted to have parents, but I didn’t have them. I wanted a smile, but I didn’t have it! One Sunday I came close to a group of people, they were going to the church. I followed them. All were looking at me in confusion. How come that I, a child from the Muslim family, am going to the church, and especially from such dishonourable family. That was strange to everybody! But I entered the church without hesitation and I attend the Mass. After that I calmed down. I felt in the church some strength, something was filling me! My mother came to know that I was in the church and she got angry with me! After some time I told my mother that I would be baptised. She did not accept that what is normal because she is a Muslim woman. But I told her that I was deciding about that and that I will be baptised and that’s that. I was then 13 years old. I received sacraments and forever received Christian catholic faith! My mother even today does not agree with me, but the most important is that Jesus agrees with me! After primary school I started to think in which convent I would go. When my mother learned that she was strongly against. 

But I told her bravely:” I’m going!" and I left. I’ve been for four years in the convent. I graduated from the secondary medical school (nurse).
My stepfather drinks also today. My mother has with him three children. They are not married. There is a lot of disunion and evil in this family! Even though I have had forever the feeling of inferiority, I have never felt family love, and I’m often sad because of all that, I have the greatest happiness – My Lord Jesus Christ! I want to be completely His! I read about your co-operator Joseph from Germany. I also have not experienced that somebody calls me “My daughter.” I’m from the Muslim family. 

Our God is a mighty God!!! Father James I would awfully like to go with you around the world and to tell everyone that our God is a Mighty God! I would like to be your co-operator, I know that it is maybe impossible, but still I tried. I would like to be near you and to help you. I believe that Jesus wants that. I recommend myself into your prayers. The greatest gift would be for me the answer to this letter or testimony or request! Many other things Jesus have done in my life! One father charismatic was telling me: “You will become a bridge between Islam and Christianity!” I want to become the bridge. Jesus told me during this seminar that I have to get in touch with you and so I’m doing it. Only Jesus knows why. Maybe he would tell you!
I’m looking forward to your reply. I pray for you and I thank God for you daily. Your sister in Christ Jesus, Indira Monika Dizdar. I’m ready for everything that Jesus wants from me! God bless You!
I hope that I will get the greatest and the most beautiful gift – your answer!

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