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CHRIST EXPERIENCE - HINDU LADY sees Light Shining on the Crucifix at 3AM, Converts

Personal Testimony of Hindu - Rajamma, from Mannodiyil, Kozhikode in Kerala, South India - and her encounter with Jesus Christ.

As published in the Most popular Catholic Mission Magazine - Vachanolsavam (festival of the WORD) - Month of Jan 2013.


I glorify Jesus, my Lord and my God!

On 16 December 1991 I was travelling to Alappuzha by train. A kind lady gave me a copy of Vachanolsavam and it was by reading that I recognized the true living God.

Hindu Background and Personal Health

Before I knew the Catholic Vachanolsavam magazine and its numerous testimonies of different people from various religions and regions, I was a strict non-Christian and always sick.

Belief in the occult and sorcery for a cure
My backbone was weak resulting in a bend to my body. In spite of a surgery and some other treatments, I could not stand upright or walk straight like normal people do. I even tried the occult and sorcery for a cure. But all this proved futile.


Initial interest in Jesus after reading about HIM
After reading about Jesus in Vachanolsavam, I wanted to know more about him. In January 1992, I went to the Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor and took part in a retreat. At the start of the retreat, I was in a state of exhaustion – both physical and mental. 

Vision and Feeling at the retreat centre - blood flowing from the wounds of Jesus
Then I felt as if I could see blood flowing from the wounds of the feet of Jesus. It was on a Wednesday. From the time of that vision, I felt neither hunger nor thirst. I did not know the meaning of fasting, but till the end of the retreat I was fasting but till the end of the retreat I was fasting without knowing what it entailed.


Fr George announces Rajamma's healing
On the second day of my unpremeditated fast, Fr Panackal announced my healing. Calling me by name, he told the congregation that Rajamma has been touched by the Lord and her backbone problem is being cured. At that moment I fainted.

When my children came and helped me to wake up I found that I was fully healed and I could stand straight. I had not only a hunchback, but also some boils and lumps on it, like the proverbial hump on the hunchback. Now all these had completely disappeared. Medical science had failed to heal me, but the good Lord did it in the tinkle of an eye. In gratitude to God I do my bit in the evangelization mission.

Miracle - Jesus lowers himself from the crucifix to enable Rajamma to touch HIM
When I was about to return after my healing, I had an inkling to kneel before the crucifix and pray. Since I am not all that tall, I could not reach the feet of the Lord hanging on the cross. As I was making an effort to reach it, I
felt as if the feet were descending to enable me to touch them. When I touched them and kissed, I felt some electrical current passing within me. I almost screamed, ‘My Lord!’ I prayed for some time. I felt I got a divine touch. I became elated. That joy is still with me. I decided that from that time I would live only for Jesus. My family and I stopped worshipping other gods and we began worshipping the true God. We started praising and glorifying Jesus.

Although there were occasional sufferings, I had been living comfortably, relying on the Lord. But in 2004, I became very sick. There was pain all over my body coupled with exhaustion, constant fever and vomiting. I went to different doctors and took a lot of different medicines. When no relief came, marrow from the backbone was tested. The results showed that I had blood cancer. The disease had advanced far. The experts decreed that I would be alive only for a maximum of 3 more months. My body was not responding to medicines.

In the hospital bed, I used to sit alone and pray looking at the crucifix. I said the Rosary and sought intercessory help. I read the Bible and meditated upon what I read.

One day I continued praying from 11 in the night to 3 in the following morning. At 3, I saw a light shining on the crucifix. The light slowly spread all over the room. I felt as if the Lord was standing next to me. I then prayed like this, “Lord, my Father, didn’t you say you were my father? Then am I not your daughter? Isn’t the blood running in my veins your own blood? Then how is that I have blood cancer?
If I am your daughter, I can’t be a patient.” I cried loudly.

I felt as if blood was coming out of the forehead of Jesus as sweat. I asked him if I could touch him. I touched him. I felt my body experiencing both hot and cold sensations. I heard a voice telling me, “I am cleansing you with your suffering. I want you.” I replied, “Lord, let your wish be fulfilled in me.” I continued praying tearfully. The vision was over.

Later my blood was taken for testing. Medical science found my blood was clean and there was absolutely
no trace of malignancy in it. Thank you, Jesus! Praise the Lord!

How can I not believe in Jesus? For the last 8 years I have been keeping good health and I have been serving
my Lord. I proclaim the Lord wherever I can. I distribute Vachanolsavam daily to people. Suffering is a treasure.

Those who suffer with Jesus will be glorified. Hallelujah!

Rajamma, Mannodiyil, Kozhikode

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