Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ibrahim Hussain from Saudi Arabia becomes a Catholic

"It is through Fr. James Manjackal that I heard that Jesus Christ is God"

Personal Testimony of Ibrahim Hussain a former Muslim from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia who is now a baptized Catholic.

(Photo) Fr James Manjakal, preaching in Fatima, Portugal, Dec 2010

As a Muslim from my mother's womb it was hard to believe in Jesus. I could see Him as a messenger or a prophet but not as God! 

In his powerful preaching I had the wonderful experience of the Spirit coming upon me and taking away my old self. 

Fr James prayed over me and I felt the Holy Spirit coming upon me
Due to financial crisis I had lot of depressions. Ever since my youth my mind was filled with guilt. When Fr. James told that Jesus came to this world to take away the sins and sickness of mankind, I was thrilled of this message. I accepted Jesus as my God in life. I felt the Holy Spirit coming upon me as Fr. James laid his hands over me and prayed. I was totally healed of Angina pectoris of the heart, of my athsma and my blood pressure. 

I have no words to express my joy and peace in Jesus. Now I spread this message of Christ to my fellow-Muslims. I wish and pray that the whole Muslim world may come to believe in Jesus and find their salvation. Now it is no longer I who live but Jesus lives in me (Gal 2: 20). 

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Fr James Manjackal's personal testimony and encounter with Jesus Christ


çiçekçi said...

For sharing thank you very much good very beautiful work

The Saudi Catholic said...


Parry Sequeira said...

My Dear Friend (The Saudi Cathoic) in Christ,

I read your testimony and your inspirational journey to Jesus - Jesus Christ Loves You!.

I also encourage you to read Fr Augustine Vallooran V.C - his links are below for monthly articles, present and past.

I pray that risen Christ - holy, true and living God of Sublime Love, strengthen your spirit and soul as you continue to share your witness of Christ to the world.

Christ has already anointed you with your divine experience as HE lives in YOU....


In Jesus,
Parry Sequeira

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