Saturday, March 5, 2011

Medjugorje - Fr James Manjackal - driving out the evil spirit

"Taking my Crucifix and Rosary I started praying for her and commanded the evil spirit to go."
In a retreat preached at Medjugorje, Bosnia, one day in an afternoon a lot of people were standing outside the hall just for a laying on of hands and prayer. 

As I was doing it, a woman came towards me very furiously with loud shouts of abusive words, with her fists to strike me and standing near me she started spitting on my face. The people in the queue took hold of her. 

She was so strong and violent that seven or eight strong people could not control her. She said, "You, bloody Indian priest why do you come to destroy us and send us away?. Haven't you any shame to come here to work even without knowing our language and culture"

With loud laughter of scoff, she said, "O I know that you are very poor and are starving in India, that is why you have come here...". She was screaming at times, she tried to remove all her cloths. She was expressing all the characteristics of an evil spirit as it is explained in Mark 5: 1-10. 

Fr. Slavko, the spiritual director of the Marian Centre at Medjugorje came to my rescue!. He wiped the spittle from my face with his towel and washed my face with fresh water. Taking my Crucifix and Rosary I started praying for her and commanded the evil spirit to go. Suddenly she fell flat on the ground with her tongue out, with the whole face becoming blue and went on spitting and speaking abusive words. Although she was from England, she refused to speak English, but started speaking in Italian which I did not know. The devil defrauds always!. 

Because Fr. Slavko knew several languages he was very helpful to me to conduct the prayer of exorcism which lasted for several hours. In our prayer we decided to fast and to do sacrifices. Much prayer, faith and fasting are required to heal such cases (Mt 17: 20).

After, the evil spirit had gone out of her, I counselled her along with her husband. Both of them were homeopathic doctors from England but their medical practices were mixed with esoteric devices which have their origins in Hinduism and in Buddhism. 

They are practices with complete reliance on powers of nature which is mixed with evil powers. 

- As told by Fr James Manjackal M.S.F.S


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Anonymous said...

Thanks to Father James for exposing the dangers of yoga for a practising Catholic!

Unknown said...

Our family need your prayers.My family lives in Dubai and I moved to Canada as my wife lost her job. Now we meet once a year. My daughter and wife stays away from prayers. Please pray for us.

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