Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Muslim Imam - Moulavi Sulaiman - turns and becomes a Catholic Preacher

Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? (St Paul to Romans 8:35).

- Testimony of former muslim Imam - Moulavi Sulaiman - now Mario Joseph - in his own words

Family Background
I was born into a traditional Muslim family. Therefore all the religious observations were strictly followed in our family. My father is naturally serious. And he insisted on everybody being strict with all religious observations. My forefathers were Turks. My paternal grandfather had come from Turkey to Vayanad. I very much wanted to go to a normal school for my studies. I even tried to be very stubborn and insistent on this point. But all my requests and demands were mercilessly rejected by my father, who was a military man.

Enrolled into an Arabic school at eight
My father had some definite plans in his head. My mind was a virtual cauldron boiling with hatred and resentment. I felt I was being neglected. I felt lonely and neglected in the family. A solitary figure in the crowd! When my elder brothers were reading their books, I used to go and sit amongst them, watching them eagerly. Sometimes I even ventured behind the classrooms where my brothers studied. I had a real desire to know what was taught and how it was taught. But I felt highly resentful against those who prevented me from pursuing an educational career. These bitter childhood experiences had bruised and lacerated my tender mind. But I was able to suffer silently without making any sort of complaint to anybody. I often sat alone and wept. I was now eight. My father told me that he would enroll me in an Arabic School. It was time for me to go the Arabic School.

I felt a burning sensation in my heart. On the eve of my going away to the Arabic school, there was a big feast and celebrations in my house. I saw my mother preparing the box to be taken by me to my new place. She looked at me occasionally and I see her sighing. I saw her wiping away her tears. My younger sisters were not big enough to understand the implications of my going away. My brothers were enjoying the party. My father looked quite indifferent and there wasn't any indication of any sadness on his face. Maybe he was suppressing his feelings. I was sitting alone and one of my younger sisters came to me and asked me in her peculiarly childish dialect, Brother, are you going away, leaving all of us behind? I did not answer her. I flashed a smile at her and made her sit by my side. I knew I was going to the Arabic School. But I just did not know why.

I was like a puppet that was duty-bound to obey the instructions of all without questioning. In the night I cried for a long time. I had some cat naps in between by bitter crying. When I woke up, my mother saw my reddish sleepy eyes and called me pathetically, Suleiman..., silence followed. Then I asked her where I am being sent. The moment she heard my question she started crying.

I ventured no more questions when I saw her in tears. Only a little time is left. I am now ready to go. They made me wear a white cloth, a white shirt and a white cap. Tears were profusely flowing from my eyes. I looked at the faces of my elder brothers. They looked indifferent to the whole thing as I could not read any emotions on their faces. I looked at my younger sisters. On their faces I could see some silent sorrow. Some of them were feeling a sense of loss. Najuma, my small sister, was affected most. My younger brother came to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. My father took the box prepared for me and began to walk. I could now see some kind of sorrow on his face. I looked only once at my crying mother. For the first time in my life I knew the depth of love. I realized that we learn about the depth of our love when somebody departs from us. Thus, I started my walk into a new life without knowing where to and why.

Nobody had told me why I was sent to the Arabic School when I was only eight. I came to know the reason much later. When I was in the womb of my mother, some problems developed in the uterus. Doctors attending on her said the child would die. Then my mother pledged that if she had a normal baby, she would make him a Muslim priest. It was this pledge that made me go to the Arabic School at the age of 8, and become a Maulavi at the age of 18. In those days I was angry with everybody. Today I regret it.

Jesus Christ had other plans for Suleiman
Becoming a Moulavi was part of the divine scheme for me. Today I realize that my position as a Moulavi enabled me to meet and recognize Jesus. If I hadnt become a Moulavi, I would probably have never known deeply about Christ. Nothing happens in life without a reason. The search for God which I began with the Arabic School led me to the Bible College at Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala, India. Now I know the truth: Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. The Shepherd was leading me on. He made me lie down in the green pastures and led me to the still waters (Psalm 23:2).

When I look back today, the disease of my mother and her pledge weren't accidental events. They were all part of the Shepherds plan for me. Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:5). I don't want to hide anything.

It has been 9 years since I accepted Christ. Many people persuaded me to write about the hard paths I tread, the bitter experiences I had, the oppositions I had to face and the losses I sustained. My mind also was prompting me to write, but till now I could not do it. I was afraid of some people. Today when I think of my cowardice, I feel ashamed.

Whom did I fear?
Why did I fear?
Was I afraid of the powers of this world?
Was I afraid of losing my mortal life?

Today I am not afraid of anybody. I do not complain about anybody. If God is for us who is against us? (Rom 8:31).
The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can anyone do to me? (Heb 13:6).

I haven't done any harm to anybody intentionally. Because of some convictions and insights I received personally, I follow a faith with complete free will.

Is there anything wrong in it?

I am sorry if my faith and my present life style gives distress to some people. I beg their pardon. But I am not willing to hide the truth. By writing all this, I am being just to my friends who have been goading me to write about my experiences. I am also following the dictates of my mind. All the steps I ascended were part of the guidance I received from my Shepherd. My heart has been inextricably knotted with some enticing thread of divine love.

Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will hardship, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? (Rom 8:35).

My good Lord allowed me to be born in this world. He made a beautiful plan for me. Now he is waiting for my heart and soul to grow in his love. He must have his schemes for me, how should I grow, what should I study, what job I must take up, how I should live and so on. I know the plans I have for you plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope (Jeremiah 29:11). The good Lord has beautiful dreams about us. He also has the paternal anxieties about us. God is waiting to give us the everlasting gift. At least once think of that God who always thinks of us and dreams about us


Anonymous said...

Praise be Jesus Christ! Thank you for posting this wonderful testimony. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for posting this wonderful testimony. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Praise God. Its really a good testimony which inspires all individuals who read this. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...


Deepak said...

It is strange to hear. I purchased your book just by title "In search of you" when I read it I was shocked. Really wonderful book. I feel it will be better if it is translated in all the languages of India. I met you in divine centre but I couldn't able to convey this message. SO here I am writing.

Deepak F

Deepak said...

"In search of you" wonderful book by Bro.Mario. When I met you at Divine centre I couldn't able to convey this message, so here I am writing. If possible translate the book in all Indian Languages. Praise the Lord.

Boniface Dsouza said...

PRAISE THE LORD!THANK YOU LORD! For the wonderful gift of Bro MARIO JOSEPH who Fearlessly & Tirelessly is spreading your WORD to all who are SEARCHING THE TRUE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD!

I, will remember you in my prayers,please keep me in your prayers also.


TRIPPLE J said...

@deepac;which book where i can buy it..plz inform me though

Preethi Baretto said...

Praise the Lord...
Its a amazing book. Worth reading.
each word fills me with inspiration.

Deepak said...

You can get the book only at DRC.

aambal said...

If somebody has the book, pls share it in digital version.. I once tried with dry, they said they don't have stock.. I'll try again anyways.. However if the book is so worthy of transforming lives, it's good to share.. i hope drc won't have problem with it.. Thanks.. :)


praise the Mario really want to meet you...and want to read your book ...i can feel the presence of god.... and i showed the video to my friends.. thanks for the opportunity to know you and feel the presence of god...thank you ..god bless u...praise the lord..
Antony Charles Joseph that's my name..


Praise the lord...really want to meet fr Mario ..for making many of the people feel the presence of God and to him more...saw your videos , its really great... and really want want to read it... from were should i get it? sending this comment makes me feel good...praise the lord..god bless all...

Anonymous said...

Praise the lord hallelooya, god bless you father, we will pray for you in our prayers

Anonymous said...

praise the lord. god bless u

John Jamie said...

God bless you, Bro Mario! Continue to proclaim God's word thru ur life testimonies. U r an inspiration to us. Please write more or upload videos of ur testimonies & God's teachings. Thnk u!

Anonymous said...

only if we all can understand the religion just like you. amen

Michael Raj said...

Praise the lord. May god bless you and protect you.

Jessie said...

Your testimony made me understand that God truly has plans for us, even if we find the path to His plans strange. May Jesus be with you always. I hope someday I am able to meet you Brother Mario. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I am always moved into tears every time I learn other nationalities and from different religious beliefs becomes Catholics, most especially if coming from our Muslim brothers. I have defended the Catholic faith against pastors of INC, and I'm happy I did and proud of it. - Earl

Anonymous said...

The HOLY GHOST surgery is taking place right now in the hearts of men that those who are at the left side of the cross are crossing over to the right. Oh glory be to GOD and JESUS his son our lord and personal saviour..........AMEN!

Anonymous said...

God reveals Himself always to a sicere seeker.U proof it.Most ppl today have no time or interest to seek whether they r christians,muslims or hindus,all namesake,perfunctuary.

Reverend C.B.D. said...

I like Mario, very courageous and I'd give him a hug. However... To understand this... go to the first video in this list and work your way down. Respectfully: Reverend C.B.D. NoN-Denominational.

Anonymous said...

O lord we thank you.may the keep you and hold you till the end.

aemnarc said...

Upon hearing how was Bro. Mario Joseph became a believer of Christ in the gospel of Fr. Mario S. at smx moa tonight, it was a very touching story. It is now our Lord Jesus entering into the lives of our brother Muslims that He is the Lord and savior of us all, as what the Lord Jesus done to St. Paul in the desert on his way to Syria to kill the Christians there.I pray that the ISIS be converted just like St. Paul and Mario Joseph and one day soon become a great defender and believer of Jesus Christ, all for the Glory of our savior, Amen!

fluis said...

God bless you. Thank you for posting. It must be very hard for you, at 8, to fathom what had been happening to you. But you are right - God is with us even before we are born. So, He has already plans for you. Thank God for the blessing he showered on you. We will pray for your family so that, they too, will be touched by God. Amen.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing our God can not do - Dear Fr Mario your story is a touching one & may He that called into His light uphold you to the end. May HE send revival of salvation of souls to the Muslim world. Amen.

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