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Let's pray with Mary - Rosary

Why Pray with Mary, Mother of God?

1) Why Mary ?

Why is the importance given to Rosary and why together with Mary?

I believe there is a very special reason for this. The Rosary is at the same time a contemplative prayer and a vocal prayer. We pray vocally, and as we pray vocally, we contemplate the mysteries of our own salvation.
The mystery of salvation is divided into the four sets of Mysteries:
the Joyful Mysteries,
the Luminous Mysteries,
the Sorrowful Mysteries,
the Glorious Mysteries.

In fact, through these four sets of Mysteries, the Church sets before us the whole mystery of salvation. And we contemplate this mystery of salvation together with Mother Mary.

Now, you might wonder, why together with Mother Mary?
It is because Mother Mary is the one who understood the mystery of salvation the best way.
Because it is she who accepted this mystery - the mystery of salvation in the best way.

Whom did God turn to when He wanted to save the world?
God turned to Mary, the virgin girl from Nazareth. God sent his angel. God asked for her consent to become the mother of the Redeemer.

With her, we contemplate the mysteries of salvation. But then, in our daily routine, when we are busy with a lot of things in our lives, we are not able to concentrate on our contemplation all the time. We need help to concentrate on our contemplation on the mystery of salvation and for that we pray vocally.

And what are we praying vocally?
We are praying in the first part of the Hail Mary, the Word of God. "Hail Mary! Full of grace, The Lord is with you." It is all the Word of God as mentioned in Luke 1:28. It is what the Angel Gabriel said. "Hail Mary!" greeting Mary. "Full of grace" - there was no sin in her. She was all the time full of God's favour and full of God's grace. There was not a single moment in her life when she rebelled against God. No! In every moment, she was the handmaid of the Lord. That is why the angel said "full of grace" - a greeting so true and so inspiring that when we say that in "Hail Mary! Full of grace," we understand how sinful we are and we repent over our sins. We ask God for the grace to remain full of grace - never to rebel against God. Therefore, at the beginning of our prayer, we keep Mother Mary before us. We want to be like Mother Mary - always, always as the handmaid of the Lord. Never to rebel against God's Word. So with that spirit of repentance, we begin our prayer, asking for God's pardon and before we lost the grace of our God.

When we recite the Rosary, and when we say "Blessed are you among women," we want to understand this blessedness came to her because she believed. She believed as Elizabeth said in Luke 1:46, "Blessed are you because you believed." And Jesus also said it. Jesus knew his mother so well. And so when we pray the Rosary, we make a decision. We make a decision t o become blessed like Mother Mary To become blessed by doing God's Will at all times.
This word "Blessed woman" is to be taken in the background of what happened to Eve, the first mother. She was a cursed woman. She brought a curse to the whole of humankind because she disobeyed God's Word. And now here stands a Mother - a Mother that making our lives blessed by obeying God's Word totally.

Let us pray together:
O God, we thank you for giving us such a wonderful Mother.
A Mother to understand us. A Mother to be with us.
A Mother to take all our tears, all our problems, all our sins, all our sufferings to Jesus.
Mother Mary, pray for us at all times.
And together with you, Mother, we want to go to Jesus. Amen


Anonymous said...

I Don't understand why people (protestants) don't accept Mother Mary even after witnessing so many miracles and hearing so many apparitions. It pains when they say that those are all just stories. Any specific reason that they don't accept Mother Mary, Eucharist and our sacraments?

Anonymous said...

Just as the Star of Bethlehem did not have the same significance to many as it did to the Magi and a few others, our Queen and Mother is not accepted by many. May the Queen of Peace intercede for all who accept her.

Anonymous said...

If Christ honored his mother, so should we. She is not a goddess, rather, she is the route to God and Jesus. While protestants deny her importance, they never deny the Bible. At the wedding at Cana she stated " do whatever He tells you." Case closed. She speaks to us to "do whatever He tells you".

Jubitha Antony said...

Mother Mary, Mother of precious Lord Jesus. She draws us near to Jesus. I feel that womb of Blessed Mother Mary is the first tabernacle, the altar of JESUS.The scripture speaks about Mary in many/most places. "The word became flesh" - this happened in Mother Mary's womb.

I wonder how non-catholics are searching for JESUS without Mother Mary and outside the catholic church (which is the BODY OF JESUS) which was instituted by Jesus himself.

Praised be Jesus and Mary!

Jubitha Antony. P,
Bangalore - India.

Anonymous said...

Let us pray for the conversion of the priests and nuns who live double lives. May the Holy Spirit illumine the mind of the Civil authorities that they may bring to light the numerous crimes perpetrated and supported by the hierarchy.May Truth prevail. Amen.

Frans said...

With my recent concluded PILGRIM TO HOLY LAND...alot of things to be thankful for...most especially to our spiritual mother...THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY...THE MARY IMMACULATE..she is the greatest model and the epitome of Gods' greatness...of HUMILITY, OBEDIENCE and GREAT FAITH.. Without her...there is no JESUS, our Saviour who is greatly honored by everyone regardless of religion...on which some disregard Mama Mary when infact they are claiming that they are for Jesus....

Anonymous said...

Please do pray for me so much spirituallity and evil occutlisms and exorsisms name mike price pray against tattos voddo and all kind of shit before i go crazy.

Unknown said...

I would like to post a prayer request. I have been struggling with evil voices and cant figure out whats going on. I know theyre real and prayer seems to help at times. I need all the input i can get. Thanks Reggie Abbott

Unknown said...

I would like to post a prayer request. I have been struggling with evil voices and spirits that has become a daily battle. prayer helps thank you,name is Reggie Abbott

Anonymous said...

The Blessed Virgin Mother is the giver of all life and the light to Jesus Christ. Praise to you oh Mother of Christianity watch over me and my family and shower us with Your Blessings

Anonymous said...

Protestants believe Jesus is The Only Way to salvation. That our Blessed Virgin Mary is a distraction and a delineation from the True Way. They read Luke 11 27-29 and draw from that conclusions that we, as Catholics, do not read in the words.
It does not seem possible to influence those that do not see Our Most Holy Mother in their hearts as the devotion must come from within.
I suggest reading tThe Mystical City of God by the Venerable Maria de Agreda if anyone is wishing to delve deeper into the Sacred Mystery of The Blessed Virgin Mary
For those feeling plagued with demons, take heart and courage in the Sacred Sacrament of Confession. Go every day. Cleanse your soul of sin and strengthen it with devotion and light. This Sacrament is our most powerful weapon against all darkness, sin and evil.
Pray to your Guardian Angel, remember you are not alone! your Angel is by your side, our Blessed Mother is before you with an open heart full of love and pity. May our Blessed Mother, Mary's love protect you.
Remember to say your Rosary. Receive investiture of the Brow Scapular. Pray the Prayer to St. Michael and the Memorare every time the voices arise. Ask Christ to deal with them. Do not heed the darkness but turn to the Light and praise of God.
May our Blessed Mother intercede in your prayers, her Son, our sweet Jesus protect you, her spouse the Holy Spirit enlighten and guide you, her Father, God the Father, bring intoHis Kingdom. Amen!

stella Mkina said...

I feel like crying when some people insults the Holy mother of God. How I wish to install into them how this mother means to mean.
some people are even making funny of Mother of God. Oh God! this pains me a lot. And the most bad thing is that I'm surrounded with them. My God If this is so terrible.

Unknown said...

Mary, Sweet Mary

Mary, sweet MaryYou are pure and divineYour baby was JesusGod's child your ownMay the angels sing you're praisesThen give them to you

Mary, sweet MarySo kind and gentleThe bright star above youA dove sitting on hayDear Jesus was put in your arms today

Mary, sweet MaryYou watched as Jesus grewJoseph make Our Lord a carpenter tooBlessed are you who God chose himselfA virgin through The Holy SPIRIT

Mary, sweet MaryWhen Jesus walkedHe carried His crossThe love of your lifeWas taking my placeSo all my sins could be erase

Mary, sweet MaryA Blessed Mother you areIn the month of MayWe praise the glory of youPink flowers I put in my hairThe rosary, you loveAround my hands I wear

You are my comfort, My QueenMary, sweet MaryI say a prayer to bless everyoneWherever I go and whoever I seeI thank you for lovingThe very soul of me.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate the recommendation. Will try it out.

Anonymous said...

Keep this going please, great job!

annacolleen said...

I grew up a Protestant, and we were taught that Our Blessed Mother, (they only refer to Her as "Mary", sometimes "Virgin Mary") was but a vessel by which came our Lord, Jesus Christ; nothing more than a regular Jewish girl!
I was taught the Catholic Church was "the whore of Babylon", and I was genuinely frightened of Catholicism.
My conversion was instantaneous, and complete within seconds of praying a single Holy Rosary. My best friend was dying. I thought she would not be so scared of death, if she went back to what she'd learned in childhood. I asked my sister in law about what might help Janice, as she came to the end of this life. She imagined herself in her grave, alone, without consolation! She even picked out her gravesite in a country cemetery that had a pond with ducks. It is pretty, but I knew only her body would be there, not her soul. Cindy gave me a Rosary, blessed by Pope JPII, and asked if I would like to remind Janice of the prayers. I was petrified praying that night, sure that I would be struck by lightening. I asked His forgiveness, and reminded Him I was only doing it out of love for my friend. I lied in bed afterward, trembling, sure that my children would be motherless the following day.
My whole life I have struggled with insomnia, yet I fell asleep with all the fright that was swirling in my brain. I woke a few hours later, and asked Cindy if we might go to Mass. I knew that I was Catholic, and had to do whatever was needed to join the Church. I was in Florida, and had to drive back to my home in Virginia.I enrolled in RCIA, my husband had to have his teen marriage annulled, and we joined the Church.
All it took was praying 1 Rosary, and truth broke through all the lies I had been told.It has been 29 years.

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