Saturday, March 19, 2022

ICON of MARY in MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Bleeding?


The Bleeding Icon of the Virgin Mary, Our Most Pure and Gracious Lady the Theotokos - Cathedral of the Russian Military Forces.

As innocent civilians bleed to death, our Mother Mary's icon is bleeding. Immediate Question is not HOW? - But the question is WHY?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Our Lady of Hrushiv, Ukraine & Message (Conditional) on WORLD WAR 3

 For Discernment and Preparation (Spiritual, Physical)

WORLD WAR 3 - PROPHECY - Our Lady of Hrushiv - UKRAINE Seventy-three years after the 1914 apparition, the Mother of God once again appeared at Hrushiv. On April 26, 1987 – exactly one year after the Chernobyl disaster — a bright light covered the church of the Holy Trinity in Hrushiv, and the Virgin Mary appeared over the cupola. A television program even recorded part of this light phenomenon. 
Soon hundreds, then thousands came from all over the USSR to view these apparitions which continued every day until August 15. It is estimated that over 500,000 witnessed these apparitions until they ended. The Soviet militia and KGB could not even begin to control the crowds. 
The message was a sequel to the earlier one: “I have come on purpose to thank the Ukrainian people because you have suffered most for the Church of Christ in the last 70 years. I have come to comfort you and to tell you that your suffering will soon come to an end. Ukraine will become an independent state.” And once again, the Holy Mother warned of the dangers coming from Russia and asked people to pray for that country. 
“Oppression and wars continue to occupy the minds and hearts of many people. Russia, despite everything, continues to deny my Son. Russia rejects real life and continues to live in darkness. If there is not a return to Christianity in Russia, there will be a Third World War; the whole world will face ruin.”
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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Pathiraj Yadav's Supernatural Testimony to Christ - a hindu brother turns to Jesus

Summary of events leading to Christ (English summary translation of Hindi Video)

This video is in hindi. 🔥PathiRaj Yadav's Supernatural Testimony to Christ - a hindu brother turns to Jesus - YouTube

1. Brief summary of Brother PathiRaj Yadav (Pronounced as Pa-thi-RAJ Yaa-Dav)
2. PathiRaj Yadav comes from north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Born in a family of Hindus, raised as a devout hindu.
3. He suffered from an excruciating backache, consumed heavy doses of pain-killers and medicines but pain would not leave him.
3. A Christian friend, requested him to visit a Catholic Charismatic Retreat Center - Tabor Ashram ( located in Kalyan, Maharashtra, India. 2 hours drive from Mumbai.
4. Very reluctantly Pathiraj decided to visit this prayer center on a Friday.
5. During the break of the retreat/prayer session, he was curious about a long queue awaiting before a crucifix.

6. He decided to go near the crucifix and asked the statue his question.
7. He asked - to the statue - If you are real, then please heal my back. To his absolute amazement and surprise, the statue of Jesus Crucified, spoke back to him and answered him, that he will heal Pathiraj.
8. Jesus healed him and series of miraculous events started occuring in Yadav's life.
9. After progressive search and seeking about Lord Jesus, Pathiraj received baptism into the Catholic Church
10. He witnesses his supernatural faith in Jesus and has recorded amazing fruit in the evangelisation ministry.

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