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Pathiraj Yadav's Supernatural Testimony to Christ - a hindu brother turns to Jesus

Summary of events leading to Christ (English summary translation of Hindi Video)

This video is in hindi. 🔥PathiRaj Yadav's Supernatural Testimony to Christ - a hindu brother turns to Jesus - YouTube

1. Brief summary of Brother PathiRaj Yadav (Pronounced as Pa-thi-RAJ Yaa-Dav)
2. PathiRaj Yadav comes from north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Born in a family of Hindus, raised as a devout hindu.
3. He suffered from an excruciating backache, consumed heavy doses of pain-killers and medicines but pain would not leave him.
3. A Christian friend, requested him to visit a Catholic Charismatic Retreat Center - Tabor Ashram ( located in Kalyan, Maharashtra, India. 2 hours drive from Mumbai.
4. Very reluctantly Pathiraj decided to visit this prayer center on a Friday.
5. During the break of the retreat/prayer session, he was curious about a long queue awaiting before a crucifix.

6. He decided to go near the crucifix and asked the statue his question.
7. He asked - to the statue - If you are real, then please heal my back. To his absolute amazement and surprise, the statue of Jesus Crucified, spoke back to him and answered him, that he will heal Pathiraj.
8. Jesus healed him and series of miraculous events started occuring in Yadav's life.
9. After progressive search and seeking about Lord Jesus, Pathiraj received baptism into the Catholic Church
10. He witnesses his supernatural faith in Jesus and has recorded amazing fruit in the evangelisation ministry.

11. Please pray, please share.

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