Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Br J Keane - CFC - Hero of Jesus Christ

Dear brothers and sisters - and all inspired by br Keane's life,

TO beloved BR Keane - Star of Discipleship - Star of Christian Brothers

"We Have Seen His Star"
"When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy." (Matthew 2:10)
This joy is what I always felt whenever I visited br Keane.


I am moved deeply to share this with you all about Br Keane - a brother of Congregation of Christian Brother, now forever with Christ in heaven, to whom he entirely offered and sacrificed himself in love. Christ was everything for him and we know that he would suffer the loss of everything else rather lose Jesus Christ. In spite of his heroic efforts and his love of Christ Jesus, he looked on himself with the utmost humility.
How could we not admire a man such as this ? How could we not give thanks to Jesus for having given us a disciple of his category?
For me, and the fact is that for all of us, he is not only a figure of the past. His message of love and life are always relevant. They contain the core of Christian message. So let us not ask ourselves only: who was Br Keane? Let us ask ourselves above all: who is Br Keane? What does his life say to me?


Knowing that he had been called by Christ Jesus precisely for his mission of Love amongst Indians, he felt impelled to carry out that mission. He did not expect any reward for preaching, teaching or his service. The reason I stress about his love for Jesus, is that I believe that the love for Christ urged him to carry out his faithful mission with fidelity to the end with, of self-sacrificing love for Christ, with total self-giving to the cause of working for the Kingdom of God as a Christian Brother. If we, today, had the same zeal like Br Keane, to live out Christ within us, how different the world would be!

Can we ever forget Br Keane's role in our lives ?

I believe, that Br Keane as his (and my Christian) faith teaches, that he is now born to a new life, an undying, everlasting, incorruptible life, forever with Father, with Son, with Holy Spirit - One Triune God. He is now gone home into the arms of his Heavenly Father. And I believe, that Christ Jesus, who sits at the right hand of God as a righteous judge, will be the first to welcome my dearest brother Keane.

"I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE" (Gospel of St John 14:6)

India Remembers

I remember he told me in one of our meeting, "Your country which is now my country, is a land of spirituality, of sages and saints." He said to me "The Church in India has a special mission to proclaim Jesus the Saviour to this land of spirituality" - and that is my mission.

Look for Br Terry Fernando - another soldier of God. If you need help, contact him anytime.

Let us pray

O Jesus, we offer the life of Br Keane to You
That all the leaders of the Church will be leaders like him, anointed in the Holy Spirit at all times.
O Jesus, help us to be people of prayer like br Keane.

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