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Vision of Hell - True Life in God

March 7, 1987

Vision of Hell as given to Vassula Rydén by Lord Jesus Christ

I saw myself underground. It looked like an underground cave, dark; lit only by fire. It was damp and the ground sticky. I saw several souls in a row. They were tied and only their heads shown, faces of agony. It was very noisy, it sounded like iron machines at work. Lots of clamouring, hammerings, shrieks, it was very busy. In front of those heads was someone standing his hand outstretch and inside his palm was lava his arm waved from right to left, pouring (splashing) the hot lava across those faces which were swelled up from burns. Suddenly this man who I understood was Satan noticed our presence, and turned around.

(Satan speaks:) "Look at her!" and he spat on the ground with disgust and fury, at the sight of Jesus' presence and mine, "miserable worm, look at her we even have worms nowadays. coming to suck out our blood, go and f--- off." He said to me: "Look," and he threw hot lava again across those faces. I heard them cry out "Oh let us die ..." Then Satan, who looked exactly like a mad-man, fuming with rage called out: "Creatures of the earth hear me to meeee you will come!" I just thought that although he was menacing he was a fool to believe that in the end he would win. He must have read my thoughts of contempt and very menacingly said: "I am not a fool!" then he with a malicious laugh and with irony said, to those poor souls: "Have you heard, she called me a fool," then with sarcasm ... "Dear beloved souls I will make you pay for her sayings."
He was ready to take new lava to throw. I turned to Jesus in despair, asking Him to do something! To stop him! Jesus replied:)

I will stop him;

(The minute S. had lifted his arm to throw the lava it gave him great pain and he screeched with pain; cursing Jesus; then to me, "Witch, goooo, yes, go, leave us!" Voices from souls, found at the gates of hell were crying: "Save us, save us." Then someone came forward, I understood it was one of Satan's adepts and he (S.) asked him: "Are you on your duty? Are you doing what I have asked you to do? Hurt her, destroy her, discourage her." I knew S. was referring me. He wanted this demon to discourage me meeting Jesus, by giving the wrong word, or destroying the message I get. I asked Jesus if we could leave. He said:) 

I want My children to understand that their souls live and that evil exists; all that is written in My Blessed Word is not a myth; Satan exists and seeks to ruin your souls; I suffer to see you slumbering and unaware of his existence; I come giving you warnings, giving you signs, but how many of you will read My warnings like fairy-tales?

beloved, I am your Saviour; do not deny My word, turn to Me and feel the pangs of love I have for you; why, why are you so willing to thrust yourselves at Satan's feet?

O come all of you who believe no more in Me; come to Me all who have forsaken Me; come and behold, for this is the time to listen; all you who wound My Soul arise, revive, and see My Light; do not fear Me, I have forgiven you; I will take your sins and My Blood will wash them; I will condone your weakness and forgive you; come and absorb the dew of righteousness, restoring your souls which are heading for perdition; I come to look for you, I come in search of My lost sheep; will I, as the Good Shepherd, see you lost and remain indifferent?

listen to Me and repeat after Me,
"O Holy Father,
by Thy Power and with Thy Mercy,
I implore You, gather all your sheep,
forgive them and let them return to Your Beloved Home,
look upon them as your children
and with Thy Hand bless them, amen"
come in My Heart, for therein is profound Peace; 

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backtothefuture said...

Just to let you, the church has condemned Vassula's so called mystical experiences.

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