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Mercy imitates God and disappoints satan

Divine Mercy 

Adorable Mercy of God
Jesus said to St. Faustina:  
“What you have written about My Mercy is but a drop compared to the ocean. 
I am love and Mercy itself. There is no misery that could be a match for my Mercy.” 

See (Is.1: 18)
"And then come, and accuse me, saith the Lord: if your sins be as scarlet, they shall be made as white as snow: and if they be red as crimson, they shall be white as wool. "

Jesus says:
“Let the greatest of sinners place their trust in My mercy. They have the right before others to trust in my bottomless mercy.

Mercy For Tormented Souls
My daughter, write about my mercy toward tormented souls. Souls that make an appeal to my mercy delight me. To such souls I grant even more graces than they ask. I cannot punish even the greatest sinner if he makes an appeal to my compassion, but on the contrary I justify him in My unfathomable and inscrutable mercy. 

Before I come as a just judge, I first open wide the door of my mercy. He who refuses to pass through the door of my mercy must pass through the door of my justice…” (1146)

Assignment to St Faustina

Jesus said to St. Faustina: 
Your assignment and duty here on earth is to beg for Mercy for the whole world. “Run through the whole world and tell of my Mercy”

These are the words said by Jesus to St. Faustina. “To the souls who spread the honour of My Mercy…at the hour of death, I will not be a judge for them, but a merciful Savoir” (1057)

Prayer most pleasing to Jesus
“The prayer most pleasing to Me, is prayer for the conversion of sinners … this prayer is always heard and answered.”(1397) 
“Tell souls about the great Mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of justice is near” (965). 
“I am giving mankind the last hope of salvation; that is, recourse to My Mercy” (998)

The above words show to us clearly how anxious is Jesus to forgive the sinners.

Rage of Satan

During a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament, St. Faustina was appealing for divine Mercy for the repentance of hard hearted sinners. With great unction, she had been praying during the adoration, that through her powerful prayer, she could pull away many sinners from the clutches of the devil. Divine Mercy Prayer was her main prayer and that too for the conversion of sinners. 
After the adoration, St. Faustina found herself surrounded by a pack of huge black dogs, which were jumping and howling and trying to tear her to pieces. Instantly she realized they were not dogs but demons. One of them spoke up in a rage, “because you have snatched so many souls away from us this night, we will tear you to pieces.”

Sr. Faustina answered, “if that is the will of the Most Merciful God …” As soon as the demons heard the mentioning of the ‘Most Merciful God’, they all ran away saying “let us flee, the Almighty is with her” And they vanished like dust.(320)

Divine Mercy Chaplet – A Mission
On Friday, Sept. 13, 1935 the Lord revealed to Sr. Faustina a powerful means to obtain God’s Mercy for the world. Because of divine wrath, an angel was going to strike and destroy a particular part of the world. Sr. Faustina implored the angel to hold off for a few moments and that the world would do penance. She was mysteriously taken before the awesome presence of the Most Holy Trinity and she prayed and interceded with such inner power as never before.

As St. Faustina was praying with repeated entreaties one could see the helplessness of the angels to carry out the just punishments, which are due for sins. When St. Faustina said this prayer, she heard the following words: This prayer will serve to appease my wrath. You will recite it for nine days, on the beads of the rosary. “This Chaplet mitigates God’s anger, as He Himself told me” (1036)
In her own words: “I am conscious of my mission. My constant endeavour is to plead for Mercy for the world. My sacrifice is nothing in itself, but when I join the same to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, it becomes all powerful and has the power to appease divine wrath…the painful passion of the Son of God constantly turns aside the wrath of God.

Disciples of Divine Mercy
We are the sons and daughters of Divine Mercy; if we want to be perfect disciples of the God of Mercy, we also should exercise deeds of Mercy. Jesus wants us to show Mercy to our neighbours always and everywhere. We should not shrink from this obligation.

How to be merciful to others?

Towards our neighbours, we should exercise our Mercy in the following ways:
1. By deed,
2. By word,
3. By prayer- in these three degrees is contained the fullness of Mercy.

This is an unquestionable proof of our love for Jesus.

Zeal for the conversion of sinners

The culmination of our mercy is manifested in the fervent recitation of divine Mercy rosary and Novenas. By this means a soul glorifies and pays reverence to His mercy. The first Sunday after Easter is the feast of mercy, but there must also be acts of mercy. 

Jesus says:
“I demand the worship of my mercy through the solemn celebration of the Feast and through the veneration of the Image. By means of this image, I shall grant many graces to souls…even the strongest faith is of no avail without works.”(742). 

During the retreat, St.Faustina got an inspiration: “I shall fight all evil with the weapon of mercy. I am being burned by a desire to save souls. I traverse with the world’s length and breadth and venture as far as its ultimate limits and its wildest lands to save souls. I do this through Prayer and sacrifice. I want every soul to glorify the Mercy of God” (745). 

Sister realized that in her great desire to save souls, she must become a pure victim of love; the path is marked by Jesus. The path of suffering, contempt, ridicule, persecution and humiliation would be her step stones to ascend the peak of holiness and apostolic zeal.

Tabor Voice, Fr Arthur James

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