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June 2, 1988 (FĂȘte Dieu)

(I prayed now the third day, the whole Rosary, and of course the three prayers the Lord wishes us to pray.)


I am; My Vassula, by persevering, 1 the devil weakens; evil diminishes; learn the Holy Rosary, embellish My Church;

(The Lord means that the Orthodox and Protestants and other Churches who do not pray the Holy Rosary should learn it, thus enriching the Holy Church and banishing the devil, crushing him; heresy will diminish as well as apostasy in the Church which has infiltrated because of the unfaithfulness and disobedience.)

yes, Vassula, love will increase and evil will decrease; and for those who argue, saying that this was not said by Me, 2 I will show you how meaningless their arguments are; their zeal is misguided and they do not seem to see My Righteousness; they are declaring only their own ideas; they would be ready to disown Me; 34 "I have been found by those who did not seek Me and have revealed Myself to those who did not consult Me"; so I, the Lord, tell you: open your hearts, not your mind! surprised by the poor instrument I chose to manifest Myself, they will deny you as coming from Me; they have forgotten what Scripture says; Scripture says:

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, you have heard Me whisper in your ear, 5 I want to show you in Timothy I and II everything that has been predicted for the last days of your era; My creation has degenerated and has fallen lower than the Sodomites; Darkness came upon them as a deadly veil, sent by Satan; Satan has sent many false teachers, false prophets who appear today as philosophers, teaching dogmas which do not come from Me your Lord, and My children, blinded by their ignorance, fall into these traps set up by Satan; I wish that these parts of Timothy be read in public as a warning: 1 Timothy 4:1-16, and 6:20-21 and 2 Timothy 2:14-26; these prophecies were especially pronounced for your times; then in 2 Timothy 3:1-17 in this passage it foretells the state of your era, to be found now; for these are the last days before the end of Times;

solemnly, I request from you all to redouble your prayers for a 'come back'; My Sacred Heart is open for any soul who will repent and who wills to return to Me;

flower, seek always the Spirit of Truth and Discernment before you write with Me; Love loves you and will guide you; come, rest in My Sacred Heart; I will never forsake you; we, us?

Yes, Lord. Yes, Holy Mother.

1 Trying hard to please St. Mary and Jesus by praying the Holy Rosary, obeying Their will.

2 To learn the Rosary.

3 Declaring that these writings are not from God, because many things written by God in here do not suit them.

4 Is. 65:1.

5 Two nights ago Jesus whispered into my ear that I should read in the Holy Bible, 1 and 2 Timothy.
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