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Amazing Conversion Testimony of Khurshid Jilla - From Zoroastrianism to Jesus Christ

Friendship with Christ

Testimony as given by Khurshid Jilla  
I was born in India but have been living in Australia for the past 12 years. I come from a practicing Zoroastrian family popularly known as Parsis. It is a very ancient religion and belongs to the dynasty of King Cyrus, King Daniel and the Three Wiseman.

Background of her faith
Zoroastrians believe in the teaching of Prophet Zarathustra who has revealed the supreme divine Authority Ahura Mazda –‘The Lord of Wisdom.’ The basic three principles that the religion revolves on are “Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.” My mother came from a family of High Priests and from childhood I have been a prayerful person. I visited the Fire Temple every day before I went to University and thereafter working life. 

Life before meeting Jesus
Although, I believed in God, prayed regularly and visited the fire temple most days I always wanted to be of assistance to others especially the poor and needy I had this inner sense that these ‘norms’ were not enough. I was always curious about God and wanted to know more about God and raised questions about ancient rituals and wanted to know more. Years rolled by and felt I did not get the answers I was seeking to the mysteries. I wondered about after death and even had a dream at the age of seven where I passed in to after death and saw a light filled place with a throne, which made a deep impression on me, I just kept wondering looking for answers to this delightful dream.

Brokenness and God
As a child, teenager and young adult I had series of tragic experiences. I came from a broken family, soon my parents passed away.  I had a tough life and at the age of 34 ended up lonely and jobless in Australia. To put it mildly it was a difficult time for me. I used to sit and smoke and often looked up in the sky with questions such as “Why was I born? Where are you God?  Why am I in this situation? Are you alive? Can you hear me God? And so on. I just sat and thought about these things for hours on end.

Jesus Calls Khurshid to HIM
Then one day in 2002, I went for a walk intending to reach Malabar Beach in Sydney, not far from where I was living. I walked past St. Andrew’s Catholic Church and somehow felt that I should go in. I don’t know how to explain this, but I felt the church was calling me inside, It was a weekday evening and I thought the church might be closed. But to my amazement it was open. It was around the month of July. With some trepidation I went in and I truly felt something so real, a presence, the presence of God, But I could not understand it and I thought it was all too ‘abnormal’ and so after being in the church for a little while I ran away. 

Search for God begins
The next day I came back again around the same time and again the church was open, It was dark and cold. But felt a sudden rush of warmth as if someone embracing me and I found myself crying. I could not stop crying and continuously kept asking myself “Why am I crying”? I continued to visit the church and started attending the mass. I could not understand the rituals and catholic practices and I could not find answers from other Catholics either. In my search for the truth I started visiting other Christian churches and prayer meetings. I found other Christians had passion and fire about their faith in Christ and knew more about the Bible. Around this time my thirst to know God was ever increasing and I found that the questions I asked God in the night were answered in the Bible. 

A new life in Jesus
Once, I was asked by a friend “What is important? Faith or Wisdom?” And I fell asleep pondering this question and agonising about it. I prayed to God and said to him please answer my question. And when I woke up the thought came in my mind ‘You have to have faith. When you have faith you also get God’s wisdom’. This lead to another thought that I want to walk with my newly found companion and friend Jesus. I started welcoming him in my every day life. He walk with me, lead me, spoke in many mysterious ways, unfolded mysteries to me and I began to keep my mind focused and open to him. My hardened and discouraged heart started having hope. I found a comforter in Jesus. I started experiencing healing of my mind, body and spirit. I got a job, I quit smoking. I was able to pay off all debts and I soon realized that I could manage my life much better when I walked with Jesus.

Jesus is ALIVE
Now I know this might sound strange too but in June 2006, even though I was praying Catholic prayers and the rosary, I use to repeatedly get the prompt from Lord to convert so I kept denying as I felt a sense of loyalty towards Zoroastrianism. It was very confusing as it is not just a matter of culture or habit. It is much deeper than that. You live in this belief and are expected to die in it. I felt it was difficult to let go the traditional faith of my ancestors. I was interested in Christianity, as it showed me ‘a way of life’. I loved walking with Jesus and the sense that God is ‘Alive’. I loved the prayers. I had such extraordinary experiences since I know Jesus personally but when the actual moment came to ‘letting go’ of the past, there was a struggle. I somehow thought I could continue with all the various Christian groups and religious searching without facing the ultimate question of conversion. 

Dream and her Baptism into the Catholic Faith
About this time I had a dream. I remember seeing an enormous light and I heard someone leading me in the rainforest. I heard a voice saying “Why are you so stubborn? Why don’t you get baptized? In the dream I answered. “I am a Zoroastrian.” Then I sensed that the voice was of Jesus and the next thing I saw a big water fall at a distance. On nearing the water fall, I saw huge drops of white light falling all around me and Jesus baptizing me himself. I woke up frightened and said in my dream “don’t baptize me and I heard the Lord saying “You are now one of us.” I woke up with a start and said “Thank goodness it was a dream”.  However, the thought prompted by the dream continued. When I was awake I asked Jesus “but why do you want me to be baptized” and the answer came to me ‘Because I want you to do my work’. And I found myself saying something like ‘Ok I want to do your work.” 

Her decision to be baptized
In December 2006 I had the idea that I would go to a Mass and go to Holy Communion. At that time when I was thinking I closed my eyes in prayer and I was prompted to think of the Crucifixion and Our Lady standing beside the Cross. I was made to realize that Jesus on the Cross and Mary was pointing me to think of the Eucharist in a different way. I heard a voice say “Look at me this is what the Eucharist is, it is not just a piece of bread – this is why you have to be baptized.” I found myself kneeling and weeping when my eyes opened and felt it was all so real and happening in front of me. This was a very important realization for me and I felt as if I had reached a turning point. I had realized the true meaning of Eucharist and why was it so important for me to baptized? 

I knew then that God wanted me to be baptized. I was baptized on St. Christopher’s church on 7th April 2007 on Easter day. I was on fire with love of Jesus in the Eucharist and in prayers. My life has changed 180 degrees since then. I have found a living true God. I have found a true friend – JESUS. And I believe I still have more to know about God, life and to lead a righteous life. I am still a work in PROGRESS!

Testimony as given by Khurshid Jilla


JI said...

A very inspiring story. I don't think there are many Zoroastrian converts to Catholicism, so this all the more extraordinary. The Holy Spirit really seems to be working in her.

I'm very pleased that she found Jesus, the only true living God. Often it is life's struggles that lead us to Him.

Anonymous said...

I love this website and I also recommend my friends to read it through facebook---may Jesus our god bless Us all.

Jeff said...


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