Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Vision from Jesus - A homosexual encounters Jesus at a Catholic Retreat

By Dr Reverend Augustine Vallooran V.C

A young man came to meet me towards the end of the retreat and said to me, “Father, much that you speak does not make any sense to me.” Sensing that he was quite tensed I joked with him, “Thank you for telling me that. At least you dared to be sincere. You are not far away from the truth - from the Kingdom of God. You are a sincere man. But tell me what is it that did not make sense to you?” He said, “I'm a homosexual by birth, by choice. This is my sexual orientation. How can you condemn me?”

I reassured him “My brother, I am no one to condemn you and God loves you a lot. I understand that you are a homosexual by choice and sexual orientation but do not tell me you are a homosexual by birth. No one is born a homosexual. That is a lie - a terrible lie spread with the multimillion dollars of the super powers that one or the other is born a homosexual. The Bible tells clearly that God made the human person as male and female. Every woman is created oriented towards a man. In every male, there is a sexual orientation towards the female. This orientation is deposited in every male and female for the purpose of the manifestation of love, total commitment to the other and for the purpose of sharing in the fatherhood and motherhood of God, to beget children and establish families. This is how every human person is created. The Bible says this and this is the Word of God. And Jesus confirms this saying, “Father, thy word is truth.” (John 17:17) If the Bible is the truth, what you have convinced yourself about is not truth. My heart goes out for you, my brother. You are a victim of that terrible lie perpetuated by certain vested interests.” I offered to pray for him. He was too shocked to protest.

“He Has Sent Me To Heal The Brokenhearted” (Isaiah 61:1)

Vision from God
I prayed over him. While praying for him I got a message in the form of a vision. I could clearly see a little child sitting on one side of a bed crying inconsolably. 
I gently told him, “My brother, while I was praying for you, I received a message which I believe is from God. It was in the form of a vision. I could see a little child sitting on the bed at night and shedding tears.” 

He looked at me very intently for awhile and then said, “Father that child must be me.” After a pause he continued, “That was how I spent my childhood - in tears, in anger, in misery.” He explained that his mother divorced his father when he was just a two-year old and she married a very rich man. That was the beginning of a hellish phase for this little boy. He recalled how often at night this man would come to his room and abuse him sexually. He was terrified and wounded and felt so helpless. Finally he mustered all his courage and told his mother. He was shocked to realize that his mother already knew it. He felt more miserable when he heard her response. She told him, “My son, I cannot help you. I myself am helpless. Your father happens to be a very cruel man. But I cannot afford to displease him. If I say or do anything against him, he will kill you and me or he will abandon us. We will lose this mansion we are living in. We will have nowhere to go. No one will accept us. We have to accept this life.”

The young man continued to pour out his pain, “I detested my mother and my step-father. I became so terribly wounded. I spent my days and nights in fear and contempt and shame and guilt. We were living under the same roof. And as I grew up, I saw him using other boys. It is intense hatred that I have flowing within me. How can I get back my life? I am destroyed.” He stood silent. 

I bowed down and held his feet and spoke to him, “My brother, I ask your pardon. We, the elder generation have ruined you. That is what your mother and your stepfather did to you. But for them and every person who abused you, I ask your pardon.” He broke down in tears. 

After he was more composed, I spoke to him again offering him the real hope before him, “God has sent me to tell you that you are not to give up! You have been deformed. Your sexuality - the great gift God has given you is distorted. But now God’s Holy Spirit is moving in to recreate you as a male. This is God’s plan for you - that you may have a family and witness the Glory of God in your life.” I prayed for him. 

At one time he spoke up, “I strongly feel like giving up. I am ravaged by too many temptations and memories from my past, shame and contempt, anger, hatred and revenge.” 

I told him “Do not give up. Do not compromise with sin. Sin will never satisfy you. Turn to the Lord. He assures that if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. And when He is near to you, He will be your strength. You will hear His voice guiding your heart, His gentle touch lifting you when you feel faint. 

He made his confession. He stayed on at the retreat centre, participating in the prayers. After a month he returned to the States. Six years have passed and today he is happily married with two children in the United States.

Praise you Lord! Alleluia!


JI said...

Excellent. Indulging in sin doesn't bring happiness, as the media likes us to believe. We must turn to God and He will draw near to us.

I love these real life conversion stories.

Best wishes,

edith said...

tears filled my eyes as i read your testimony,christ is really merciful, he will continue to clothe in you in HIS beauty .may His peace rest in your heart. amen

Unknown said...

Thats a good story! Many people are being brainwashed by satan but atleast there are some whom God calls to his side again! What we can do is pray for these souls!

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