Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mary Mackillop set to become Australia's first Catholic Saint

Australian Idol - Mary Mackillop of the Cross

Australia will have its first Roman Catholic saint after Pope Benedict approved a decree recognising a second miracle attributed to the intercession of Mother Mary MacKillop. 
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    Read Mary Mackillop's Story

    Miracles of Mary Mackillop
    The first miracle, which led to the beatification of Mary MacKillop, was the cure of a woman of leukemia in 1961. In 1995 Pope John Paul beatified Mary MacKillop, earning her the title of Blessed (Mother) Mary.
    The second miracle is that an Australian woman has been cured of an inoperable lung cancer in 1993 through the intercession of saint-in-waiting Mary MacKillop.

    Mary MacKillop’s Foundational Beliefs

    Some of Mary's inspiring quotes
    Let us love and praise God in all. (1872)
    We feel our Crosses hard at times, but our courage should rise with them. (1882)

    Tomb of Mary Mackillop, North Sydney, Australia

    My name in religion is Mary of the Cross. No name could be dearer to me, so I must endeavour, not to deserve it – for I cannot – but at least I must try not to disgrace it. (1867)

    Josephite Spirituality Introduction

    Being Involved with the Josephites

    It is at the core of the Josephite way of life to be involved with the everyday issues of the ordinary people with whom they live. The willingness of the early Sisters and today’s Josephites to travel to where the need is and to live in the midst of those in need ensures their capacity to respond as required.

    Further reading

    Mother Mary Mackillop, pray for us, 
    pray for Australia, pray for the world

    God of love, we remember with joy the beatification of Blessed Mary MacKillop.
    We thank you for all who have followed in her footsteps and for the love and concern shown to other through them. We ask you to bless them and those they serve in the name of Jesus who is our Way, our Truth, and our Life.

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