Friday, December 11, 2009

A Witch-doctor Experiences Jesus

"Do not turn to mediums or wizards;
do not seek them out, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God"(Lev 19:31).
George (Mohan Prasad)
Personal Testimony, Vincentian Ashram, Ambathur - Chennai

Personal testimony of Mohan Prasad, as recorded in the article of Vachanolsavam, a popular mission magazine, from Divine Retreat Centre, India.

My name is George (Mohan Prasad). Born and bred in a Nair family, I was a well-known astrologer, witch-doctor, a life-member of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and one who hated the Christian religion with all his heart.

My life was filled with happiness! so I though till August 1994. When I was afflicted by a strange illness. It was as if a dark cloud overshadowed my life. A strange malady which showed no symptoms whatsoever, incapacitated me to such an extent that I could not walk any more. Though a witch-doctor by profession, I could not diagnose my illness or prescribe a remedy. I resorted to witch-craft four times with no effect. Ayurvedic, allopathic and unani treatment only prompted the doctors to declare I had no disease at all. But I was totally helpless, bed-ridden, unable even to stand without another's help. The whole body racked with pain. When my family, who depended on me, were grief - stricken, I lost my mental balance. A Christian friend, who visited me, advised me to go to the neighbouring St Antony's Church and pray. I went, supported by my wife. As I was praying, I heard a voice saying, "Weren't you told to go for prayer?" At once I remembered a friend's suggestion made long ago to go to Divine, Muringoor. In November '94 I participated in a retreat at Divine. All the pain in my body disappeared. But I was not ready to acknowledge and testify that Jesus was the healer. Thinking that Jesus was one of the gods, I thanked him as well as the others. But I realised that deep within me radical changes were taking place. I returned to my home in Madras. The puja room, in which the Hindu deities stood in a row, made me restless. I began removing the idols one by one. In their stead I installed Jesus Christ in my heart and in my home. After a fierce, terrific battle, my mind was in peace. On that day, my life found new meaning. Hope budded afresh in my family. A new chapter opened for me with the advent of Jesus Christ in my life and in my family. Though I took so long to come to know Jesus as the only Saviour and Lord, today we experience true Christian joy. Today it is Jesus and the Bible which control and direct all my activities.

From Deuteronomy 4:19; 18:10-13; and Leviticus 19:31;20:27, I understood that witch -craft and astrology were wrong. I made a bonfire of all my books on these subjects. Today, I'm actively engaged in the ministry of the word in the Vincentian Ashram in Ambathur, Chennai. The tongue that revelled in the recital of mantras and sharnam calls, is now constantly praising and singing "Halleluia" with new vigour and enthusiasm. So is my life-filled with a new freshness.

Let us join hands, standing shoulder to shoulder, and be deeply immersed in this great work of spiritual renewal. Let our country awake! Let our people awake! 

May the true God be revealed! 
May the Caretaker of heaven help us! 
Praise you Jesus! Thank you Jesus ! Halleluia!


Rick said...

Praise be Jesus Christ now and forever.
The Lord in His Mercy has brought you out of darkness and into His marvelous light.
Please remember your brothers and sisters in your land that they will know Him who loves them by giving His very life, and awaits them to turn to Him.

s.vijayalakshmi said...

Dear Mr.George,

I read your testimony, from a witchdocter into a follower of christ. And you must also know what it is to be affected by witchcraft.
Right now my family is in very serious trouble due to blackmagic.
My children,s life is being ruined as they have got into bad habits and it is costing their life. I trying to get help in some way and I came across your testimony.
Please help from this sutiation and god grant deliverance to my children and save them. So please pray fo them.

Unknown said...

So is it bad when a witchdoctors heal you from black magic n witchcraft? Im telling my dad that you dont need to go to them that just go to our LORD JESUS CHRIST, my dad says when its really really a bad curse that the u have to get a cleasing from those witchdoctors i assume, pls help. God Bless n REMEMBER JESUS LOVES YOU, ALL OF US :)

Anonymous said...

Jesus I love you

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