Monday, July 12, 2010

Catholic International Youth Convention - Power 2010

5th International Youth Conference

For the fifth consecutive year at Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala the International Youth Conference and the International Couples Retreat will be held with the blessings of the Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil.

6 day celebration of the faith begins
on Sunday, 25 July at 10 am and ends on Friday, 30 July at 1 pm

Youth from across the nations shall gather to experience the faith, the grand mystery of the Church and the person of JESUS. Indeed as the theme of this year’s Conference declares, “They shall see His face” (Rev. 22:4).

The retreat will be led by
Fr. Augustine Vallooran, VC, the Director of the Divine Retreat Centre.
Sessions will be led by world renowned Catholic spiritual leaders.

The Rapping Friar from Bronx, NY, Fr. Stan Fortuna cffr, is coming again to lead the youth to rap and live for Jesus!

Bishop Christopher Prowse, the Bishop of Sale from Australia and known much as the Bishop for the youth,

The singing Bishop Valerian D’Souza of Poona,

Jude Antoine from Malaysia,

Lalit Perera of Risen Lord Community-Sri Lanka,

Fritz Mascarenhas, Director of ICPE-India and

Colin Calmiano, Director of Spread Your Wings-India are among the preachers.

Gospel music bands include Divine’s Music ministry,
the singing couple Glen and Teresa and their band the Messengers of Jesus,
FAITH from Goa,
the Risen Lord Community music ministry among others.

These will be days of great celebration with
vibrant praise and deep worship sessions, 
powerful talks drawing out the rich promises of the Scriptures, 
tangible healing experience 
daily hours of Eucharistic adoration and Holy Mass. 
inspiring testimonies, 
colourful choreography presentations from youth witnesses

God is real. He is there for you and me. Come experience Him in the sacraments, the Word, the vibrant praise and deep worship.

Come be a part of POWER 2010.  


Testimonies Power 2009

Meirium D. Leonard from Sri Lanka said,
"During the inner healing session, God called out my name and gave me a wonderful message. I am so happy about it. I was so sad about all the problems in my life and I didn’t feel loved by God. But now I know I’m so precious to Jesus."

Warren from Canada said,
"It was just awesome! Every experience I had was just amazing, but the one thing that always stood out for me was when I was praising and thanking God I felt a sense of peace and I felt so light and that I could do anything. I actually felt the presence of God moving and filling each and every one of us. I could see that God was happy when he looked down upon all the thousands of us just praising and thanking Him with all our hearts. I felt like God was always going to be part of my life and that He would never leave me under any circumstances. Coming to India for this retreat will probably be the best decision I will make in my life, and I thank God for still being part of me every day and making me feel Him through everything that I do. "

Pahell Nisar from Pakistan said,
"My many problems the Lord has solved and He has revealed his plans for me."

Chris Leonard Bernard from Bangalo said,
"Had a marvelous experience. I had a personal encounter with Jesus. I have experienced God’s love and mercy. This retreat has given me a burning passion to work for our God and proclaim His Word."

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