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Hindu family converts - son enters seminary to be a catholic priest

Finally I found the Saviour -  by Geetha Satyan

Mine was a Hindu family. But we got baptized and today we follow the Christian faith. It has been 19 years since our family accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and from then we have been living with Jesus.

Mt 4:16 says, The people who sat in darkness have seen a great light, and for those who sat in the region and shadow of death light has dawned.

Sickness of my husband
It was my husbands illness that caused my family and me get salvation by embracing the Christian faith. He had such a severe stomach ache that it was not possible for him even to stand straight. Whatever he ate he would vomit in less than ten minutes. He even lost his hunger. He could not go for his job or look after his family because of his ill health. We went to many doctors and different treatments were tried. But his disease was not diagnosed and the medicines given to him could be of little use to him. Each day the sickness grew worse. A lot of money was needed for the treatment. We sold whatever we had and borrowed extensively from different people. But nothing was helping him. Finally we took him to Sri Chithira Hospital in Trivandrum. All kinds of tests were run on him by specialists, but even then a proper diagnosis of the disease was not forthcoming.

Doctors gave up

The doctors finally gave up, telling us that they could not diagnose the disease and we could take him elsewhere or home. We were now in serious distress. Extreme poverty stared us in the face. Our hope of a cure for the sick man also evaporated. In this circumstances, we thought the best way open for us is to seek solace in the hands of death. We decided that all of us would die together.

Discovering Jesus as personal saviour and God
At this most desperate moment of our lives, a good Samaritan happened to come to our house. She told me about the prayer services in Potta Ashram. She assured me that Jesus was still alive and sincere prayers would bring forth positive results and my husband would be cured and all our trials and tribulations would come to an end. She repeatedly told me about a God waiting to help me and save me. Because of her friendly persuasion, my husband let me go to Potta as a last straw to clutch at.

Attending retreat at Divine Retreat Centre, India
When I came to the yard of Potta, I saw there a kind of novel prayer to which I was not accustomed. When I saw the way people prayed I started thinking, My God, why are so many people afflicted with the same kind of mental disorder? Are these the saved people? What are these people doing?

Jesus speaks to me

As I was thinking like this, a male voice with authority fell in my ears, Daughter, havent you come here to pray? Pray. I sat down at the back of the Church. Then I heard another voice, Daughter, call me at the earliest! I am only waiting to hear your call. As if in a trance, both my hands went up in supplication and my tongue began to speak, Jesus, you are the God still living. I have come here with that faith. On this earth there is nobody to love me except my husband. I have nobody to love except him. He is now suffering from some serious, undiagnosed disease. I wont go away from here unless you cure him. I felt as if someone had held my hand from above.

As I was immersed in heartfelt prayers, I felt Jesus was touching my husband at Vadakkanchery. In fact at that particular time, my husband had gone to his work place. He had done so because he was certain of his impending death and before he died he wanted to entrust some important matters to his close associates there. As I was immersed in prayers here, my husband, in his work place, felt sudden hunger. He returned home quickly to have some food. But there was nothing at home, not even a handful of rice. There was nobody at home, too. He straightaway went to the neighbours house and requested for some rice gruel. The food was not ready there. So they gave him a measure of broken rice. He brought this rice home and boiled it and consumed the entire gruel without leaving a drop. When I reached home at 6 oclock in the evening, miracle of miracles!

Husband totally healed
I found my husband fully healed. The living Jesus had done a miracle. Praise the Lord! I read in 1 Jn 3:15: All who hate a brother or sister are murderers, and you know that murderers do not have eternal life abiding in them. This verse made me upset. But the prayer to the Holy Spirit in the little book called The Message of Salvation gave me back the peace of my mind. Through constant prayers and meditations I became aware of my shortcomings and sins. I was born into a reasonably rich family. Apart from my parents, I had two younger brothers. But unfortunately when we were still small, my father left home leaving my mother and us to fend for ourselves. Our life then was one of misery and pain. Because our father was the reason for all our suffering, I had developed some kind of hatred for him. I could not overcome this feeling of vengeance.

Sincere Repentance
But when I turned to Jesus because of the illness of my husband, he showed me how gross my own sins were. I sincerely repented of my inequities. Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well (Mt 6:33). From the time I believed in this verse, Jesus came to my rescue when I faced any crisis. My husband received visa to go abroad. We had no male issue and soon we were blessed with a baby boy.

Baptized in Catholic faith
The good Lord chose us to be his followers and live his ways. In 1989, we started living like Christians and in the year 2000, we were baptized. My husband is employed in a reputable firm in Dubai. We have three children. Our eldest daughter is married into a good Catholic family. Our second daughter is still a student.

Only son enters seminary to be a catholic priest

Our only son is a seminarian. For the last 10 years, I have been helping with the spiritual services at Potta and other Retreat Centres. Because of the prayers of many, my family and I continue to be staunch believers.

Praise the Lord!

- Testimony by 

Geetha Satyan,
Pudukulangara House, RS Vadakkanchery,
PO Thrissur, Kerala, India

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