Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Cry Aloud to the Lord and He Answers Me!

This prayer from the depth of the heart is a cry towards the Heavenly father
- Fr. Mathew Naikomparambil V.C

This is an expression of my deep faith and hope that God is my only refuge. God who has definite plans about us gives pains, sufferings and sorrows in the path leading to that plan. 

A person turns towards God and Christ, when he is convinced that nothing human or material can save him.

Jesus - Please reveal me your plan
“My God, My Lord, talk to me, I cannot take even one step forward, please guide me. Why have you given me sufferings, pains and sorrows? Lord, please reveal to me your plan about me.” 

When we cry loud like this, God will reveal himself to us. We will be convinced that these sufferings are to find God and to lift us to heaven.

Temporary happiness
Human plans are temporary—temporary happiness, safety for the time being, good name, fame, human approval, wealth…But God’s plan is forever. 

God gives us sufferings to teach justice
Therefore one who becomes fit for God’s love will have sufferings, weaknesses, and crosses. Giving all this He keeps us closer to Him. 

We must find time during the period of suffering to listen to God’s voice and to thirst for God’s love. Then we will get the grace to rise up with Jesus. We will receive blessings and strength from the Holy Spirit.

We are God's children
We’ll understand that we are God’s children. When we are in the depth of sufferings, contempt, and helplessness, sweet prayers, meditations and spiritual strength spring up.

One with Jesus
In this stage our eyes and ears are lifted to Calvary. There we can see God’s throne. We will realize the emptiness of all material aspirations.. Jesus extends in each moment of sufferings an eternal invitation to forsake sin, selfishness, and bodily comforts. God stands with us to lead us to the glory of resurrection.

“Though the Lord may give you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, yet your Teacher will not hide himself anymore, but your eyes shall see your teacher.” (Is.30:20)

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For all our brokenness
For all our weaknesses
For all our unhappy experiences
For all our infirmities
For all our failures
For all our humiliations
For all our rejections
For all our economic burdens
For the failures and weaknesses of our dear ones
For bringing out good even from evil
For the grace of death to sin and the new life in the Holy Spirit.
Lord, after every trial and crisis. You give us the grace to come closer to you,
liberating us from our self-centeredness.
Lord we thank You; Lord we Praise You

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