Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Muslim Mustafa and Jesus Christ - Vision and Permanent Conversion

Rev.Dr. Paul Musthafa. M.Div.,D.D. 
My name is Paul Musthafa. I was born to a Muslim family on September 10, 1977. My father was a train driver of south Indian railways and mother was a house wife .In the year of 1993, I was studying to take the examinations for my final year in high school. One day as I walked to a place to receive help from a tutor, I suddenly heard a voice calling by my name “Musthafa! Musthafa!”
I stopped and thought someone was calling me. I turned and looked all around, but no one else was present. I shrugged off this voice and started to walk. Again I heard the same voice calling my name, and the voice said, “Look at me and be ye saved, I am The God, and there is none else”. I looked up at the sky and saw no one. However, a felt some kind of power come around me. I could feel this power that seemed to be like electricity passing all over me. A voice spoke to me.
I thought, “. . . this must be Allah, the God of the Muslims whom I serve.” Every where I walked, the power came with me. I was going to the Mosque, the prayer temple for Muslims. But the presence of God stopped me from going to the Mosque by leading me to my house. As I was about to step into my house, suddenly my foot came back and the presence led me to a church compound. In those premises, there was a Gospel meeting going on under a tent and a preacher was preaching about Jesus Christ. 
I thought to myself, “why did I come here, and what am I doing? This is a Christian church. I am not able to understand what the preacher is preaching.” However, I did understand that this preacher was speaking about Jesus Christ. And the power that had led me here spoke to me and said, “He is preaching about the one who spoke to you on the way. He is the Lord Jesus Christ.” Then I closed my eyes and said to Jesus, “From now on I will pray to you.” I went to my home. I started to pray to Jesus Christ alone. One day as I finished praying persistently, I saw Jesus Christ a couple of hours standing before me and have often seen Him since that day. 
After becoming a Christian, I learned a biblical verse quoted by the Apostle Paul from the prophet Isaiah. "I was found by those who did not seek me; I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me" (Romans 10:20, Isaiah 65:1). Just like the Apostle Paul, God’s grace toward me is beyond my imagination. And God’s grace was extended to my family in a miraculous way, despite the trials that were to come. 
When other family members learned about my faith in Jesus, they got very angry. I faced a lot of problems in my family because my parents were so devoted to their Islamic religion. My mother was a devout Muslim that would get up at 4 o’clock in the morning just to read the Qur’an (The holy book of Muslims) and to pray. She brought us up in the same way. And my father was a leader in the Mosque. My parents were extremely angry with me because they thought that I had ruined the family name. However, as time passed, God brought every family member into salvation through Jesus Christ. 
My family faced a lot of problems from the Muslim community as they cast us out of the Islamic religion. We were shunned by all Muslims. Some Muslims attempted to kill me several times but the Lord Jesus saved me each and every time. One day, some Muslims came to my room to kill me with a knife. Suddenly, at that time, my friends came knocking at my door. The Muslims thought “… if we kill Mustafa, his friends might tell to the police.” Instead, the Muslims beat me badly and left my room. Then my friends came into my room and helped me.Another time some Muslims kidnapped me and took me to an unknown place. Then they attempted to force me to learn Islam and to practice what Muslims believe. But I escaped.
Many times, Jesus strengthened me and has called me to do Christian ministry. The Lord spoke to me, “… you shall be a witness to me unto the ends of the world.” Each member of my family came to know Jesus through a miracle. And they serve Jesus in ministry. I have three sisters and two brothers that have married and serve the Lord. Also, I have a wonderful Christian wife and we have a son and a daughter. my total family members father,mother,three sister and their husbands and two brothers and their wifes came into the lord and baptized with water and holyspirit.
In 1994, I started Evangelism at Warangal, a district in Andhra Pradesh state of India. I conducted ministry in the surrounding Warangal district for three years. In 1997, I had a vision of the Lord that started a Church at Kesamudram, where my family lives. I inquired of God about the Name of the Church. He spoke to me and said the name of your ministry is “Spreading Fire Ministries” and the name of the Church is “EL-Shaddai”. We are working through out Andhra Pradesh state.We have Pastors and Evangelists working in the ministry. According to the Word of God Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” This is the vision of our Lord to spread the Gospel through out the ends of the Earth. Please pray for the Ministry that we reach unto ends of the World with the Gospel please pray for us. 

Thank you,
Rev.Dr.Paul Musthafa

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